Body Sculpting

All of us want to look fit and have a tight tummy. Having babies, growing older, and our sedentary lifestyle all contribute to a loose often flabby mid-section. Our laser body sculpting technology has made it possible to have a procedure which can tighten and cut the abdomen to a firm looking tummy.

The Cynosure Smartlipo is the latest in lipolipolysis bringing body sculpting to a new level.

What is laser body sculpting?

The term body sculpting is usually used to describe plastic surgery procedures which modify the shape of the human body to alter or improve body contour and shape. Laser body sculpting utilizes the fat dissolving and skin tightening abilities of laser energy to change and improve the body’s contour and shape without the large scars resulting from surgical tummy tucks and other body contouring operations.

Laser body sculpting is very different from liposculpting or liposculpture (terms used to describe body sculpting using traditional liposuction techniques and procedures).

Why is laser body sculpting better?

Laser body sculpting is done with a tiny laser fiber instead of a large surgical incision which leaves noticeable scars. Unlike traditional liposculpting or liposculpture with liposuction alone, laser body sculpting does not leave loose skin and contour deformities when the laser procedure is done properly.

After your laser body sculpting procedure, you will not have large visible scars or a prolonged, often painful recovery. The tiny incisions used in laser body sculpting are about 1/4 inch long and placed in hidden areas such as the belly button or umbilicus.

Another advantage of our laser body sculpting procedure is that the tiny laser fiber can reach areas of the body to melt fat and tighten skin in areas that traditional plastic surgery body sculpting cannot reach. For example, a mini tummy tuck can tighten the lower tummy but cannot remove fat and tighten skin in the upper abdomen above the belly button or umbilicus. The laser fiber used in our laser body sculpting procedures can easily be passed into the upper abdomen and the area around the belly button to melt fat and tighten your skin.

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As with the majority of our treatments there is no “downtime” and minimal discomfort.

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