We have seen an influx in patients seeking laser tattoo removal options. Whether the tattoo is limiting clothing options and is wished to be removed; or an out of date piece of art to be faded for cover-up, we have a solution. Sometimes only one or two sessions are necessary in order to fade a tattoo for a cover-up.

We did our research to find the best laser on the market for tattoo removal. We weren’t interested in a laser that was good at doing everything such as hair removal. We sought out the best for tattoo removal. Every industry professional we asked (even ones working for other rival laser companies!) kept recommending the same device. We now have the gold standard of tattoo removal lasers. By using our advanced tattoo removal laser, we can remove most colours of tattoos including some blue and green tattoos. Our laser gives our patients the ability to remove most tattoos while keeping the power levels at safe levels. For most patients, we are able to completely remove an unwanted tattoo in 3 to 14 laser treatments (more or less) spaced 4- 8 weeks apart.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Light, homemade, and faded tattoos are among the easiest to remove. Tattoos with thin lines and shading respond very well to laser treatments and you’ll see relatively fast results. Some tattoos contain a heavier concentration of ink and therefore require more sessions. Many tattoos are totally removed in less than 10 sessions.

Many factors affect the number of laser treatments it will take to remove your tattoo, and we offer a free, no-obligation consultation to share our expertise during a brief office visit. We’ll examine your tattoo, explore your goals (complete removal, partial removal, etc.), provide a price quote and estimate of the number of sessions you’ll need, and then we can start the first treatment immediately if you like!

Tattoos have been around for at least 5,000 years. The interest in removing them is just about as old. Many of the techniques to remove the tattoos in the past have produced less than desirable results. Dermabrasion, or sanding of the tattoo, chemicals, or even the older CO2 or Argon lasers removed tattoos but left undesirable scars.

Recovery from a session is fairly quick. The area should be kept clean to reduce the risk of infection. Pinpoint bleeding in the treated area may occasionally occur. Any scabs or blisters that form should not be picked or scratched. After these treatments the tattoo fades and your normal skin tone shows through.

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