At Cleopatra LaserMed & Massage, we are committed to excellence in service, products, procedures and most of all, honest patient care. We have assembled a wide array of industry leading products and technologies that we believe in and have the expertise to use them. Our strength is in our ability to combine multiple modalities to produce results that exceed patient expectation.

How Laser Treatment Works

A laser is essentially light of a particular wavelength, which when used appropriately is able to penetrate the skin to effect change in the tissue below. The light is in the invisible range and the exact lasing medium determines the wavelength produced and the tissue to be targeted. It is for this reason that multiple lasers are required to obtain excellent results with each skin type. We offer several different lasers to achieve the best possible results for our patients.

What To Expect

Your first visit to our clinic will consist of a complimentary consult, during which we will review your goals and discuss treatment options, as well as any alternatives that may be considered. Following this, a course of action will be set, and appointments scheduled.


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