We encourage diet and exercise to achieve and maintain a BMI in the normal range. The Accent and SmartLipo MPX are used to support the weight loss.

SmartLipo MPX is used to remove isolated areas of fat. The chin and neck are ideally suited to this technique. Excellent results can be achieved in the upper arms, chest, male breast, abdomen, love handles, hips and thighs. Under a local anesthetic a tiny canula is inserted under the skin and the laser is fired causing a disruption in the wall of the fat cell. The fat can then be suctioned out. There is minimal discomfort and there is no down time.

What To Expect

Your first visit to our clinic will consist of a consult during which your goals will be addressed and any alternatives will be discussed. Following this a course of action will be set and appointments scheduled. It is quite common that combination of therapies will enhance the overall result.

Weight Loss

The Greatest Advancement in Laser Lipo

From the company that invented laser lipo, Cynosure has introduced its latest laser device for the reduction of cellulite and fat, the SmartLipo MPX. This next generation device delivers all the benefits of laser lipolysis (short recovery, tighter skin), along with the power of two lasers in one treatment. Comments from the field are coming in about this technology. SmartLipo MPX is the greatest advancement in laser lipolysis. With its dual-laser Multiplex technology, this new SmartLipo can deliver both 1064 nm and 1320 nm wavelengths to offer even greater results to its patients. It delivers an improved product with great safety and versatility.

What Patients are Saying

Patients, too, have been singing its praises. “I always wanted thighs that don’t touch. I thought it would satisfy what I’ve always wanted to change about my body.”

“I love what I’m seeing. Those pockets of flesh in the back are totally gone. Saddlebags-gone. It was definitely worth it, 100%. I couldn’t be happier.”

By heating the skin from underneath, SmartLipo offers significant skin tightening, body contouring and smoothing that traditional liposuction cannot provide. “I never considered liposuction because the skin has the potential to look worse afterwards. After SmartLipo my dream of having a firm belly and flat hips has come true.”


Unlike traditional liposuction, Cynosure’s device is a treatment which offers a patient little or no downtime. This is possible because Smartlipo MPX requires only a small incision for the laser to be able to reach the fat cells under the skin. The laser is able to liquefy these cells while it is simultaneously cauterizing the area, this minimizes the bleeding and bruising. The result: less downtime and less blood.

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