The Isolaz™ is a laser used for the difficult to treat cases of acne. This laser uses the technique called photopneumatic therapy during which a vacuum is applied to the skin followed by the flash of the laser. The vacuum clears the debris from the dilated pores associated with the acne and the flash of the laser clears the bacteria at the same time that it closes the pores.

Imagine waking up with clear, radiant skin – free of blemishes, red or brown spots and sun damage. This can become your reality with the revolutionary Isolaz™ therapy.

Acne Treatment

Top Rated

Rated as one of the 3 hottest products at the 2007 American Academy of Dermatology conference, Isolaz™ is powered by a breakthrough technology called Photopneumatics™ which is the only therapy in the world that combines a vacuum and painless broadband light to deeply cleanse and purify your pores from the inside out. Painless Isolaz™ therapy with deep pore purification.

Isolaz™ is quick, easy and painless. In fact, many people have their treatments done during lunch without any downtime. Many patients have found their skin feels tighter and has a healthy radiant glow following Isolaz™ therapy.

Clear, Radiant Skin Can Be Yours!

If you’re frustrated with acne and wish you had clear, radiant skin – you’re not alone. In fact, over 60 million North Americans suffer from acne1 and unfortunately, many have had difficulty finding a treatment that works. You may have tried manual exfoliants, harsh chemical peels or over-the-counter cleansers, medications such as antibiotics or even Accutane (Isotretinoin), yet you are still frustrated with breakouts.

Isolaz™ Is A Breakthrough Technology Because It Is:

  • The only painless laser treatment for acne.
  • The only system that purifies your pores from the inside.
  • The only system that combines vacuum and laser to help destroy acne causing bacteria.
  • The only FDA system cleared to treat comedonal & pustular acne.

Isolaz™ treatments are quick, easy and painless:

I. Before Your Treatment

Your skin will be hydrated with a soothing mist before applying the Isolaz™ tip. Since the treatment is painless you won’t need pre-numbing gel.

II. During Your Treatment

Your treatment provider will place the Isolaz™ tip on the area to be treated. Based on your skin type (the amount of melanin in your skin) and the body part being treated, appropriate settings will be selected. NOTE: All skin types can be treated with Isolaz™. You will feel a gentle and warm sensation as your skin is drawn into the treatment tip. In less than a second, a flash of light will be applied. Your treatment provider will then move on to the next treatment area, and repeat the process over the entire treatment area. In a recent clinical study, 100% of patients reported no pain during treatment. Treatment sensation was most commonly described as being similar to that of a warm massage. Isolaz™ therapy is also very fast. Legs, backs and faces can often be treated in less than 20 minutes.

III. After Your Treatment

There are no post-treatment regimens associated with Isolaz™ therapy. Once your treatment is complete, you are free to resume your normal activities. In fact, you may apply make up or shave immediately. You may find that your skin takes on a healthy glow and feels cleaner immediately following your treatment.

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